Michael van Tonder

FitLife The Yard - Manager & Coach

Michael is a jack of all trades. He is a qualified Biokineticist, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with qualifications in Weightlifting and Gymnastics coaching, he is an ex Matie and a proud Booishaaier. He was a Western Province age group rugby player and is currently one of the fittest CrossFit athletes in South Africa. Michael started and managed his own fitness facility in KZN, acted as the head coach of the CrossFit box, managed and worked in a Biokinetics practice. This is where Michael has been spending all his time growing multiple aspects of his life, business, professional, and athletic careers. There is no doubt that Michael knows how to work hard and dedicate all his time, knowledge, and energy into something he is passionate about.
Michael specializes in High Performance Strength and Conditioning as well as Orthopedic Rehab. He is skilled in designing exercise and lifestyle programs for any goal, whether it is to loosen weight, gain muscle, or improve sport performance. He also likes to work with children and teenagers who is just starting their health and fitness journey in and outside of the gym, as he feels this is the most important phase for them to learn good movement quality and instill proper work ethic. He uses a scientific approach to all his programming and training designs. As an athlete himself he understand the importance of balance when it comes to reaching optimal health and performance, hence is why he incorporates nutrition and lifestyle coaching into his clients’ programs.