About FitLife

Welcome to FitLife – Premium Functional Fitness Facilities. Our doors are open to any and all committed individuals who are serious about getting results and reaching goals; be it for improved health and fitness or elite sport performance. 

Your initial fitness level or skill set is irrelevant. We will give you all the coaching and guidance you may need to improve your fitness and use it outside of the gym.


Meet our team of dedicated coaches that focus on teaching our members how to move safely and efficiently with our scientifically programmed workouts that encourages progress.

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The goal is to prepare you for our classes and give you an idea of what to expect, before you sign up! Learn a few new movements and do a short workout the FitLife way.


Our aim is to cater for all needs, but also to address all major energy systems that we use during physical activity, whether it be strength or endurance orientated.

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